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Aimrite Fury Carbon Fiber Railgun

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The new Aimrite Fury Carbon range has been specifically designed to suit the harsh conditions of the Australian spearfishing environment and replaces our previous models – Competition and Pro Competition.

The barrel is 2.8mm thick and composed 100% of Carbon Fiber which allows us to use a 7.5mm South African spring steel shaft as opposed to the 7.0mm shaft used on the previous models. Powered with USA Latex Rubber these spearguns have plenty of grunt and can tackle some of the biggest fish the ocean has to offer.

The Aimrite Fury is available in standard set up with 2 x 16mm powerbands (90-130cm) and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Product Features

  • 100% Carbon Fiber barrel
  • 7.5mm Spring Steel Shaft
  • 2x 16mm powerbands
  • Lifetime Warranty
Aimrite Fury Carbon Fiber RailgunAimrite Fury Carbon Fiber RailgunAimrite Fury Carbon Fiber Railgun