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Beuchat Activa Tubair Snorkel

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An extremely popular snorkel amongst Spearfishermen and Free-divers and also one of our personal favorites (and for good reason).

A Beuchat exclusive channelled liquid silicone mouthpiece adds comfort by increasing airflow due to the air that channels between the gums and tissue cavities. The Activa Tubair is also moulded from an extremely flexible material allowing it to be folded into a BC pocket or to collapse so well you will not know you are wearing a snorkel during your dives. Mask attachment clip included.

Voted Number 1 Snorkel by Hawaii's Skindiver magazine. The Beuchat Tube Air Active is a true champion's snorkel. 


  • Award Winning
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
Beuchat Activa Tubair SnorkelBeuchat Activa Tubair Snorkel