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  • Deep Apnea Mahi S-Glass Blades
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Deep Apnea

Deep Apnea S-Glass Mahi Blades

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Manufactured from 100% S-Glass fiber, the Deep Apnea Mahi S-Glass blade is a stellar fin for freediving and spearfishing at any depth.

S-Glass is 30% stronger, 15% stiffer and considerably stronger than standard fiberglass which makes S-Glass a clear superior material.

When applied to freediving or spearfishing, this allows for lighter blades with an improved response. Deep Apnea manufactures the S-Glass similarly to their Quadraxial fins where the multilayer disposition of the fibers in the core creates a "Variable Parabolic Stiffness" (VPS), resulting in a faster blade response, delivering a comfortable surface swim and strong - effortless - ascent.


  • Length: 85cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Material: S-Glass
  • Footpockets Options: Beuchat, Pathos or Omer/Sporasub
Deep Apnea Mahi S-Glass Blades