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  • Kimera Spearfishing Slide Tip
  • Sliding ring and spectra line
  • Reuse your old shaft with the Kimera Spearfishing Slide Tip
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Kimera Side Slip Conversion Slip Tip kit

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Never buy a slip tip again with this innovative product from Kimera Spearfishing.

The Slide Slip kit converts and normal flopper shaft into a potential slip tip. You keep the same penetration power of your normal shaft with all the added holding power of a slip tip. 

Available in multiple thicknesses to adapt to the majority of shafts, the Slide Slip kit is a must have in any hunter's arsenal to easily hunt preys large and small with total dependability.


  • SlipTip holding power
  • Upgrade your flopper shaft into a big game tip
  • Strike reefs and rocks without breaking
  • Easy install and deployment
  • Penetration profile of a traditional flopper
Kimera Spearfishing Slide TipSliding ring and spectra lineReuse your old shaft with the Kimera Spearfishing Slide Tip