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Stretching For Freediving DVD

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Developed by 13-time freediving world record holder Martin Stepanek, the FII Stretching for Freediving DVD provides you with a step-by-step guide to increasing your body's flexibility for freediving and spearfishing.

This video releases exclusive and specific stretching techniques that have -  on average, in the span of 12 weeks -  increased our subject's FVC (functional vital capacity) by 20%. This is the biggest average increase ever measured.

This DVD is perfect for anyone interested in gaining more comfort at depth through increased flexibility and for those interested in increasing their lung capacity.   This educational video is also a valuable training tool for athletes looking to increase their vital capacity for other competitive sports, such as cycling and running.


  • Increase lung capacity up to 20%
  • Minimize the chances of pressure related injures
  • Increase your comfort at depth
  • Enhance compensatory changes
  • Gain overall well being and flexibility

"This DVD shares my personal stretching routine used to enhance compensatory changes which I used in the preparation for my last World Record freedive to 400 feet. It offers a detailed explanation on how to execute each position and how to avoid the most common mistakes. During this video, I will guide you through the basics of how to get the most out of your stretching and also shed some light on the proper and effective packing stretches for advanced freedivers."

- Martin Stepanek, 13-Time Freediving World Record Holder, Founder of Freediving Instructors International

Stretching For Freediving DVD